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Applicants must be enrolled in the Faculty of Law. Preference will be given to second and third year applicants.


  • Students are expected to commit a minimum of 7 to 10 hours per week to their work over the course of the entire term and be available for training.

  • Students attend the clinic for a mandatory weekly group meeting, and other times, as required to complete casework and to meet with the Senior Caseworkers assigned to the files.

  • Students submit file work and meet with Review Counsel regularly. This is to ensure timely case management and that the ongoing needs of the clients are addressed.


  • Conduct client intake interviews while providing excellent customer service.

  • Research and draft letters, legal memoranda, pleadings, and various court documents.

  • Facilitate communication with clients, Review Counsel, Senior Caseworkers, court staff, and other community agencies.

  • Maintain a complete client file, including all correspondence and dockets of time worked.

  • Maintain strict client confidentiality.

  • Attend mandatory weekly group meetings and at other times as required to complete casework requirements and to meet with the Senior Caseworker assigned to the files.

  • Submit file work and meet with Review Counsel regularly to ensure case management is timely and ongoing needs of the case are addressed.

  • Attends group meetings every week. Commits to volunteering for 7 to 10 hours each week.


Details of the academic term selection process will be posted here when available.

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