Community Legal Aid is working with the International Student Centre to provide drop-in sessions for students this summer. These sessions will be held every other Wednesday between 2:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. beginning on May 25, 2022. These sessions will be available remotely with the use of the Blackboard program facilitated by the International Student Centre. For further information please follow up with the International Student Centre at (519) 253-3000 Ext. 3938 or to join in on one of these drop-in sessions.

College Students

Community Legal Aid (CLA) is here to help you! CLA is a legal clinic offering free legal advice and representation to University of Windsor undergraduate students in the areas of practice which are listed below. If you have a legal problem which is outside of our area of practice, we will be pleased to refer you to additional resources. CLA is staffed by law students working under the close supervision of experienced, in house lawyers. We proudly represent undergraduate students and provide legal services to financially eligible low-income residents of the City of Windsor and the Greater Essex County. If English is your second language, CLA has interpreter services immediately available to help you.

If you are a full-time undergraduate student at the University of Windsor with a legal problem, email, call 519.253.7150 or complete the CLA Online Intake Form to schedule an intake appointment.

We represent undergraduate University of Windsor students in the following areas of legal practice:

  • Academic integrity matters and non-academic misconduct with the University of Windsor

  • Criminal Law & Provincial Offences (simply assault, mischief, Peace Bond application, theft under $5000) 

  • Family Law (parenting time, child support, and decision making responsibility) 

  • Housing Law (maintenance and repair issues, tenants’ rights. illegal deposits and charges, rent disputes, harassment, applications to the landlord and tenant board, enforcement of specific housing orders in Small Claims Court) 

  • Employment Law (including: unpaid wages, wrongful dismissal, workplace harassment and reprisals) 

  • Elder Law (including: disputing home care invoices, financial fraud, elder discrimination, abuse and neglect) 

  • Consumer Rights  

  • *Notarizations – providing a legal photocopy copy of a document such as a transcript or a degree. 

  • *Commissions – swearing an affidavit. 

   *first two copies are free of charge