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Community Legal Aid is a joint project of the University of Windsor, Faculty of Law and Legal Aid Ontario. We provide legal services for low-income residents of Windsor-Essex county and full-time University of Windsor undergraduate students. For over 50 years our clinic has served as a learning environment for law students to build their advocacy and litigation skills, while providing necessary legal services to our community.

We represent our clients in legal matters in the following areas; criminal law, employment law, family law, housing law, elder law, consumer protection and small claims court matters. Each case must meet our financial eligibility criteria. Every case is different. We will assess the merits of your case and set out a strategic plan for your matter. CLA may offer summary legal information, negotiate on your behalf with the other side or represent you at court or before a tribunal.    

CLA also participates in community outreach programs. Our lawyers and law students conduct legal information sessions within the community. For more information regarding our upcoming information sessions please visit our calendar of events.

Who We Are: List

Community Legal Aid endeavors to promote access to justice by offering legal services to low-income and vulnerable people to avoid, prepare for and overcome poverty law problems, achieved through a combination of community development and action. We strive to provide meaningful opportunities to Windsor law students to facilitate their learning through legal representation, summary legal advice and community legal education.  


Our Vision for Community Legal Aid is that it is recognized for its dependable, consistent, quality legal services that are responsive to the individual and systemic needs of the community. 


Our Values include ethics and professionalism, excellence in education and client service, integrity, resilience and social conscience.  

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