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Below you will find some helpful resources for more information on an array of legal matters. If you would like a direct referral to some local clinics, please give us a call. 

Legal Aid Ontario provides legal aid certificates, which select lawyers will accept as payment. You must meet qualifications to obtain a legal aid certificate. Provides services in areas of law such as Criminal law, Family law, Immigration issues, Domestic Violence, and Mental Health legal issues.

CLEO provides resources and information on the legal system and topics such as Abuse and Family Violence, Family law, Income Assistance, Criminal law, Health and Disability, Debt and Consumer Rights, Housing law, Employment and Work matters, and Immigration matters.

Steps to Justice provides step-by-step legal information on topics such as COVID-19, Housing law, Abuse and Family Violence, Debt and Consumer Rights, Provincial Offences, Family law, Criminal law, Human Rights, Immigration law, Employment and Work, Income Assistance, Wills and Powers of Attorney, Education, Refugee law, Health and Disability, French language Rights and information on Tribunals and Courts.

Tribunals Ontario is a group of 13 adjudicative tribunals. The tribunals include Animal Care Review Board, Assessment Review Board, Child and Family Services Board, Custody Review Board, Fire Safety Commission, Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, Landlord and Tenant Board, Licence Appeal Tribunal, Ontario Civilian Police Commission, Ontario Parole Board, Ontario Special Education Tribunal, Social Benefits Tribunal. 

The Law Commission of Ontario provides independent, balanced and authoritative advice on complex legal policy issues. 

The Law Society of Ontario governs Ontario's Lawyers and Paralegals in the public interest. They provide resources to find a lawyer or paralegal in your area that specializes in the area of law you need. as well as information on steps to justice and legal resources. 

The Ontario Legal Information Centre provides a half hour of free legal advice over the phone with a lawyer. This service is confidential and does not have any eligibility criteria. 

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